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Picture of Dr Kit-lun Yick
Dr Kit-lun Yick
Associate Professor
Fashion & Textile Technology - Clothing
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: 2766 6551
: ST735


Kit obtained her PhD and joined the ITC as a lecturer in 1996. She specialises in fashion production technology and product development. She has carried out scientific studies in the areas of anthropometry measurements, comfort evaluation, and fabric thermal properties for patients in hospitals. She has been actively involved in a number of research projects in patient clothing, such as the development of a textile nest and a phototherapy eye-patch protector for neonates in hospitals, safety garments for psychiatric patients, pressure therapy gloves for burn rehabilitation, etc.

B/TEC Ordinary National Diploma in Clothing, Hong Kong, 1987
B/TEC Higher National Diploma in Clothing, United Kingdom, 1989
BA (Hons) Clothing Management and Technology, United Kingdom, 1992
PhD, Institute of Textiles and Clothing, PolyU, Hong Kong, 1996

Area of Specialization

  • Fashion Technology
  • Clothing Production
  • Product Development
  • Medical Clothing


Research Overview

Yick Kit Lun

Teaching Activities

(a) Subjects Taught (for the past 3 years)

Year Subject title Level
  2001/02 – date Fashion Technology MA
  2012/13 Apparel Technology II BA
  2011/12 - date  Freshman Seminar BA
  2006/07 - date  Intimate Apparel Production Technology BA
  1996/07 - date Clothing Production Management I HD

(b) Supervision of Research Postgraduate Students

      Completed: 2 PhD as Chief Supervisor
      Ongoing: 2 PhD and 1 MPhil as Chief Supervisor

Awards and Honours

Awards (selected)

  • Gold Medal, Silicon Valley International Invention Festival, US, 2019
  • Outstanding Paper Award, The 29th International Costume Congress, The Korean Society of Costume 2019
  • Special Merit Award, Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers, 2019
  • Highly Commended Award, Research Journal of Textile and Apparel, 2018

Selected Publications / Museum Collections / Exhibitions / Patents

Publications (selected)

  • Yick KL, Tang KPM, Li PL, Yu A, Yip J, Ng SP. (2019). Instrumental evaluation of dry heat loss of footwear under different activity levels. IEEE Access, 7(1):65319-65331.
  • Sun Y, Yick KL, Yu W, Chen LH, Lau N, Jiao WZ, Zhang SC. (2019). 3D bra and human interactive modelling using finite element method for bra design. CAD, 114(2019):13-27.
  • Sun Y, Chen LH, Yick KL, Yu W, Lau N, Jiao WZ. (2019). Optimization method for the determination of Mooney-Rivlin material coefficients of human breasts in-vivo using static and dynamic finite element models. Journal of the Mechanical Behaviour of Biomedical Materials, 90:615-625.
  • Li PL, Yick KL, Ng SP, Yip J. (2019). Influence of textured indoor footwear on posture stability of older women based on center-of-pressure measurements. Human Factors, 61(8).
  • Wan FKW, Yick KL, Yu W. (2019). Effects of heel height and high-heel experience on foot stability during quiet standing. Gait & Posture, 68:252-257.
  • Yu A, Yick KL, Ng SP, Yip J. (2019). Case study on the effects of fit and material of sports glove on hand performance. Applied Ergonomics, 75(2019):17-26.
  • Wu L, Yick KL, Ng SP, Sun Y. (2018). Modeling of flexible polyurethane foam shrinkage for bra cup moulding process control. Polymers, 10, 472.
  • Yick KL, Yeung KL, Wong DPL, Lam YN, Ng SP. (2018). Effects of in-shoe midsole cushioning on leg muscle balance and co-contraction with increased heel height during walking. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, 108(6):449-457.