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Prof. Bingang Xu publishes in Advanced Materials and Nano Energy

Prof. Bingang Xu, Professor of ITC, guided his research team in a series of frontier research on wearable energy harvesting which have been published in Advanced Materials and Nano Energy. These two top-tier journals (top 5% in the Materials Science, Multidisciplinary category which comprises 314 SCI journals) have an impact factor of 27.398 and 16.602 respectively (2019 JCR on Web of Science).

Rapid advancements in multifunctional next-generation electronics have created an immense demand for the development of green, renewable and sustainable power sources. As one of the promising candidates, wearable energy harvesting provides both an approach and devices that can be worn on the human body to convert solar, thermal, mechanical or other forms of energy into electric energy. The challenge is determining how to endow such devices with high power density, good stretchability, excellent durability, and good wear comfort. To address these challenges, the research team innovatively discovered/designed a series of functional materials (including hierarchical architecture nanocomposites, viscoelastic polymer adhesives, organogel electrodes, and micro-carriers of functional molecules) and wearable structures (including woven structures of functional nanofibers) for enhancing the physical, chemical and electric properties of energy harvesting. These works have presented new approaches/devices for high-performing wearable energy harvesters and self-powered sensors with promising applications in biomechanical energy harvesting, wearable electronics and human movement monitoring.

Prof. Bingang Xu


X.Y. Guan, B.G. Xu*, J.L. Gong, Hierarchically architected polydopamine modified BaTiO3@P(VDF-TrFE) nanocomposite fiber mats for flexible piezoelectric nanogenerators and self-powered sensors, Nano Energy, 70, 104516, 2020.

J.L. Gong, B.G. Xu*, Y.J. Yang, M.J. Wu, B. Yang, An Adhesive Surface Enables High‐Performance Mechanical Energy Harvesting with Unique Frequency‐Insensitive and Pressure‐Enhanced Output Characteristics, Advanced Materials, 32(14), 1907948, 2020.

T.T. Jing, B.G. Xu*, Y.J. Yang, M.Q. Li, Y.Y. Gao, Organogel electrode enables highly transparent and stretchable triboelectric nanogenerators of high power density for robust and reliable energy harvesting, Nano Energy, 78, 105373, 2020.

X.Y. Guan, B.G. Xu*, M.J. Wu, T.T. Jing, Y.J. Yang, Y.Y. Gao, Breathable, washable and wearable woven-structured triboelectric nanogenerators utilizing electrospun nanofibers for biomechanical energy harvesting and self-powered sensing, Nano Energy, 80, 105549, 2021.

T.T. Jing, B.G. Xu*, Y.J. Yang, Liquid doping materials as micro-carrier of functional molecules for functionalization of triboelectric materials and flexible triboelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting and gesture detection, Nano Energy, 74, 104856, 2020.