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Troels H. Povlsen Care Apparel Centre

With the funding support from ITC, Troels H. Povlsen Care Apparel Centre was established in 2006. The Centre integrates the concepts of ‘specialised clothing’ and ‘social care’ with an aim to serve the elderly and disabled in our society. The Centre also provides the community with specialist consultation and resources in order to promote the concepts and importance of care apparel through the joint efforts of experts at ITC, clothing designers and technicians, rehabilitation specialists, health care professionals and social scientists.

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Service-learning: Engaging Fashion as a Communication Media for the Needy

In alignment with PolyU’s goal of developing graduates into “responsible global citizens”, the University introduced the Service-Learning (SL) Requirement into the new undergraduate degree programme curriculum in 2012-13. Students undertaking the four-year undergraduate curriculum are required to successfully complete a 3-credit subject designated to meet the SL requirement before graduation.

ITC offers a SL subject which aims at:

  • introducing the concept and practice of service learning
  • developing students’ practical sense of fashion design, styling and garment fabrication
  • enabling students to apply knowledge and skills in fashion trends, design and styling to help needy people to build inner confidence through utilizing their personal creativity and enhancing their personal fashion image
  • enhancing students’ generic competencies of innovative problem solving, communication and teamwork
  • nurturing students’ sense of social awareness, responsibility and engagement

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