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Programme and Year:
ISE Double Degree, Year 2

Exchange Institution:
Shanghai Maritime University

Exchange Period:
Semester 1 in Year 2011/12


The learning experience in Shanghai is completely different when compared with Hong Kong.

Putonghua is the teaching medium. I spent two weeks to adapt to the Putonghua teaching medium and the Chinese written notes. My Putonghua did improve a lot. The teachers were helpful and nice. They paid extra attention to me and always asked whether I could follow their teaching pace.

The learning environment in SMU is comfortable. They have big lecture rooms, laboratories etc. They also have many sports facilities for students to use. I went to one of the stadiums to play badminton with my mainland classmates and we had lots of fun.

I met many friends who came from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand etc. We always had dinner together and shared information about the cultures in different places.


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