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Assessment Criteria


Part A - MIKE Assessment Criteria (Sustainability Factors) 

Please to write narrative/stories on your effort in each of the 8 criteria below with supporting data and evidence.


Capital Element


Empowering knowledge workers for innovation

Human Capital (HC)

Recruiting, training, motivating, talent management etc.          

Creating client and user expectations/needs/experiences

Relational Capital (RC)

Service design thinking, user lab etc.

Developing  internal & external networks and connectivity

Relational Capital (RC)

Open innovation, crowd sourcing, strategic alliance and partnership, etc.

Strategizing, visioning and transformative leadership

Structural Capital (SC)

- Innovation Capital

Futurizing, business models, risk taking, entrepreneurship, etc.

Cultivating organizational innovative culture

Structural Capital (SC)

– Innovation Capital

Organizational learning, team dynamics etc.

Investing and delivering knowledge-based products/services/solutions

Structural Capital (SC)

- Process Capital

R&D, Idea Incubation, etc.

Enforcing knowledge practices and systems for knowledge creation

Structural Capital (SC)

- Process Capital

Knowledge creation process, SECI  etc.

Implementing  creative and  virtual space to create stakeholder value 

Structural Capital (SC)

- Process Capital

Future Centre, collaborative workplaces, smart office, mind lab, etc.


Part B - Innovation Performance 

Please select the most appropriate measurement to your organization and provide self-appraisal with data and evidence. You may select more than one measurement.

  • New products/new services/new business models developed
  • Market share/new product sales
  • Patents/licenses/loyalties
  • Revenues /incomes/turnover
  • Customer/client satisfaction
  • Prizes/awards/honors, etc.
  • Patents/ publications/new ideas etc.

Guidelines for Preparing your KM Stories


Submission Guidelines

The Submission Report should include the following Parts A and B in the format as follows. 

  • A4-size, with single-lined spacing and minimum font size of 12 points 
  • Maximum 2 pages per criteria for Part A; maximum 1 page per measurement for Part B (including tables and figures) 
  • Appendices (optional such as such as company annual reports, articles, newspaper clippings etc.; maximum of 5 items) 
  • Start a new page for each section 
  • Insert page numbers in the report 
  • File size is limited to 20 MB