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Past Events

Aug 2017
Half Day Conference - KM and AI: People and Technology


31 Aug 2017 - 31 Aug 2017


8:45am - 1pm


Theatre A, 22nd Floor United Centre, Admiralty, Hong Kong


Prof Eric Tsui, Dion Wiggins, Anthony ‘Tas’ Tasgal and Larry Campbell

Event fee:

HK$1,200 (non-members)


HK$800 (KMIRC/HKKMS members)

Please view here for more details and registration


This half day KM Conference - KM and AI: People and Technology is jointly organized by KMIRC and The Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society.
4 keynote speakers are invited to explore different aspects of KM and AI including Prof Eric Tsui (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Dion Wiggins (Omniscien , Thailand), Anthony ‘Tas’ Tasgal (P.O.V. Marketing and Research UK) and Larry Campbell (KPMG Hong Kong).


Knowledge Management has mainly been about people –facilitating people’s ability to improve their organizations effectiveness and ability to innovate by creating and sharing knowledge. Technology has supported KM in being able to capture and store large amounts of information, good for know-what but less so for know-how, where tacit knowledge is important and context is often lost.
AI could change the game.
This conference will look how the emerging confluence of AI, big data, machine learning and cloud computing is starting to support and enrich our own cognitive abilities. But we’ll also be reminded how people still possess knowledge that enables cognitive models of the world and how it works, and that knowledge is often transmitted by storytelling –which is one of mankind’s oldest art forms and cultural assets.

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(Please register earlier as places are limited)


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