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Past Events

Aug 2018
Summer School
3rd International Summer School in Knowledge Management


22 Aug 2018 - 22 Aug 2018


N103, PolyU


Prof. Eric Tsui, Mr Liam Gilligan, Dr Jessica Yip and Ms Debbie Hui

Event fee:

HK$1,000 (22 Aug morning session only)


HK$800 (22 Aug morning session only)

Please view here for the leaflet


3rd International Summer School in Knowledge Management

Building on the success of the previous years, this International Summer School in Knowledge Management (KM) aims to summarize the latest  tools, practice and research in KM which can bring about a change in the learner’s organizations. Planned activities include lectures, workshops, and group reflection.  The program does not require prior knowledge in KM and attendees from both academia and industry are welcome.




Speaker/ Facilitator

22 Aug


Managing Knowledge in the age of digitalisation

Prof. Eric Tsui


Successful Corporate Innovation

Mr Liam Gilligan


Tea Break


Knowledge  Elicitation and Mapping in the Cynefin Framework

Dr Jessica Yip




Workshop - Lego Serious Play (FULL)

Ms Debbie Hui

23 Aug


Company Visit to Arup
(Winner of Global (Independent Operating Unit) Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Award 2015)

If you have enrolled in the Company Visit on 23 Aug, please note that we will gather and dismiss at PolyU main entrance square (fountain next to B core). The gathering time is 9:50am and we will dismiss at around 1pm. You can refer to the PolyU Campus map at 

 *** KMIRC reserves the right to amend any part of the event format, agenda or programme if necessary at any time.

About the Lectures

Managing Knowledge in the age of digitalisation
Advances in digitalisation, together with mobile computing and intelligent algorithms have lead to the emergence of the networked economy. Value creation in the networked economy is very much based on the creation and exchange of information and knowledge among the relevant parties. This talk will explore the impact of digitalisation on the field of knowledge management and foreshadow fruitful areas of research and practices in the decades to come.

Prof. Eric Tsui
Professor and Director
KMIRC of PolyU

Prof Tsui joined Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) in 1989 after years of academic research in automated knowledge acquisition, natural language processing, case-based reasoning and knowledge engineering tools. His research strengths include cloud-based business innovation and knowledge services. He has also consulted for many government departments and private organizations in different countries. Prof Tsui is an honorary advisor of KM to the Police College, Hong Kong Police Force. He is a recipient of the KM Leadership Award and KM and Intellectual Capital Excellence Award in 2014 and 2015 respectively.


Successful Corporate Innovation
In this talk, Liam will talk about how an incumbent bank is looking to transform itself in the face of a rapidly changing landscape. Liam will outline some of the lessons learned from several years of driving corporate innovation programs, and the importance that principles like Design Thinking play driving innovation in banking.

Mr Liam Gilligan
Standard Chartered Banks Hong Kong eXellerator

Liam Gilligan is the Head of Standard Chartered Banks Hong Kong eXellerator, SCB’s innovation lab setup to accelerate development of customer centric solutions. Liam is an experienced business innovator, with 15 years’ experience across both startup and large corporate in innovation, product development, business development, strategy, and human centered design.
Prior to joining Standard Chartered, Liam ran the Innovation Lab for Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Hong Kong. Before CBA, Liam was the General Manager of Service Product Innovation at Telstra, Australia’s largest Telco. Liam was responsible for developing and testing new business models, products and services. Liam also ran Service Design and Operations for Telstra’s retail footprint and was product lead for several new service businesses in the Telstra portfolio.
Before Telstra, Liam led Business Development, Product Development and Operations at Gizmo, an IT services startup, which appeared twice in BRW fast starters list.


Knowledge Elicitation and Mapping in the Cynefin Framework
How do we organize, analyze and make sense of the external world  depends strongly how do we perceive the problem.  The way knowledge is mapped and represented depends on the underlying causality that is either known, predictable, complicated or complex. The Cynefin framework developed by David J. Snowden categorize four domains of phenomenon  based on  our perception of the cause and effect . In the 1st domain, the cause and effect is repeatable and predictable. The knowledge needed to make the decision can be often represented by concept maps as best practices. In the 2nd domain where the cause and effect could be separated over space and time,  the knowledge can be best represented by cyclic concept maps, which is also known as a causal loop diagram in systems thinking. In the 3rd domain, the cause and effect becomes coherent retrospectively and not repeatable (same input could yield different output), no standard mapping is possible and sense making methodology is advocated instead. Three cases on various projects are illustrated.

Dr Jessica Yip
Dr Jessica Yip obtained her PhD from PolyU and had worked in KMIRC on various knowledge audit projects in many sectors from transportation to public utility.

About the Workshop

Lego Serious Play
If people and innovation is the key to an organization’s success, how an organization can create an environment that employees live innovation in their daily work? How we can use game to create group value and build collaborative working style, and the most important is how to sustain new behavior to become an organization new culture and strategy?
The half day workshop will introduce Lego Serious Play and let you experience the tool, a new way of communication, unlock players’ new knowledge through touching, looking and listening. It will be a fun and serious gamification journey for everyone to reflect or apply the results on your work or self-development.

Ms Debbie Hui
Training and Development Manager
Kuehne & Nagel Limited

Helping people to help themselves is what Debbie did in the past 15 years in Asia market. She worked in media, property agency, testing and certification industries on training and taught over 1000 people mangers on leadership and soft skills topics. Debbie keens in exploring and sharing new learning approaches, she graduated MSc in Knowledge Management and a certified trainer of Everything DiSC and Lego® Serious Play ®. She is now working in the Kuehne & Nagel Limited as Training and Development Manager.

Enquiries: Miss Trista Lai, Tel: 2766 6588, email: