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Past Events

May 2015
Why Space Matters: The case for Orchestrated Serendipity (With examples for knowledge transfer, collaboration and innovation)


28 May 2015 - 28 May 2015


Mr. Paul J Corney

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To succeed in the 21st Century, organisations need to be good at collaboration and co-creation. A recent Harvard Business Review publication noted: “Chance encounters and interactions between knowledge workers improve performance’” and research suggests some organisations are changing working environments and patterns in order to accommodate this. But are they doing enough to take their staff with them though or do their people merely see this as an attempt to cut cost and reduce the number of desks?

Workshop Objective:
1 To demonstrate why space matters for collaboration, innovation and knowledge transfer.
2 To share experiences and learn from each other.
3 To consider current and future use of space in your workplace.

This interactive workshop will show how organisations as diverse as Standard Chartered, Pringle, Asian Development Bank, dotDigital and Google use space and objects to stimulate collaboration, innovation and knowledge sharing. And it will examine the concept of Orchestrated Serendipity.

Attendees will be invited to share experiences and take away new ideas on how to make effective use of space.