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Background, Vision & Mission

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Since the early 1990s, the importance of Knowledge Management (KM) to create an organization's competitive advantage has been widely recognised worldwide in the government, public and private sectors for the codification of information and knowledge, the processing of knowledge (the creation, capture, storage and conversion of knowledge from implicit to explicit), to the reporting and management of Intellectual Capital (IC), innovation and learning capability in firms and organisations. KM is an interdisciplinary and complex area of study by integrating technology-centred and human-centred approaches from the perspective of system science.

The Knowledge Management and Innovation Research Centre (KMIRC) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was set up in 2007 and it is unique of its kind in Hong Kong and Mainland China. It has a core group of well regarded practitioners and researchers with established track record in Organisational Learning (OL), Culture and Change, Intellectual Capital Management, Knowledge Audit, Knowledge Systems, and E-Learning. The Capabilities and competencies of the KMIRC are further strengthened by the international alliances it has formed with leading practitioners whom are regarded as "Hall of Fame" in knowledge management, and renowned research centres worldwide.

The Centre's core work falls into three areas - Teaching/Training, Research, and Professional Services/Consultancy. In the area of teaching, the very unique blended online and face-to-face delivered Master of Science in Knowledge Management is the KMIRC's flagship operation. The KMIRC also operates executive short course in knowledge management. Furthermore, numerous customised KM workshops have been designed and delivered for government departments and private enterprises in Hong Kong Mainland China, Australian, Malaysian and Brunei.

The Centre is actively engaged in various research activities and research projects and the research results have been disseminated through the publications of research papers. It has also participated in various exhibitions and organised seminars and training sessions for various industrial sectors. Among others, professional services and consultancy represent a very active area of the KMIRC. Over the past years, it has undertaken consultancy work in various sectors ranging from public utilities, aviation, government, manufacturing, social work, printing and publishing, as well as healthcare.

Vision and mission

  1. To conduct research in the interdisciplinary area of KM, develop various methods and tools for the implementation of affordable KM programmes and systems in various industrial sectors, organisations and communities.
  2. To promote and disseminate the practice of Knowledge Management through delivering consultancy, training and benchmarking not only in Hong Kong but also in mainland China.
  3. To give advice for practitioners in promoting KM in Hong Kong.
  4. To liaise with local KM bodies and similar bodies in other countries and participate in the formulation of various KM practices and standards.