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About Us

Metamaterials Preparation Laboratory provides a “Two-photon Laser Nano-lithography System” for custom-making micro- and nano-structures with nanoscale precision. With the minimum feature sizes of about 100 nm that can be achieved by Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT, it enables us to realize the pre-designed nanostructures using a “maskless” approach. This technology is based on the use of specific photoresist solution with the predominant absorption range in UV region. Getting the advantage of nonlinear two-photon absorption effect, the photoresist in predesigned regions will be polymerized and developed into nanostructure with ultrafine resolution. A computer software programme is included to offer us a whole degree of freedom to design and manufacture any structure of three-dimensional trajectories.






Contact Us

Dr. Roy Law

(Lab in-charge)


Dr. Ling Chen

Booking Method: To make a booking, please contact Drs Roy Law/Ling Chen to check the available sessions.


Room DE003g