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Brief Biosketch

Before joining PolyU in 1991, Dr Yue was Senior Materials Scientist working in Hi-Tec Metals R&D Ltd. (UK), where he was responsible for setting up research facilities for light alloys development and advanced casting technologies for a number of Department of Trade and Industry and Brite/Euram projects.

Academic/Professional Qualifications

  • 1982 BSc(Hons) in Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Southampton University UK 
  • 1987 PhD Sub-department of Engineering Materials, University of Southampton UK (Royal Aircraft Establishment Studentship; under the supervision of Professors GA Chadwick and PJE Forsyth)
  • 1994 Professional Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (MIMMM)
  • 1994 CEng, UK 1995 Member of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (MHKIE)

Working Experience

  • 1986-1991 Metals Research Engineer/Senior Materials Research Scientist, Hi-Tec Metals R&D Ltd UK
  • 1991-1994 Lecturer
  • 1995-1997 Assistant Professor 
  • 1998-2002 Associate Professor 
  • Sept 2002 – Professor
  • Aug 2012-May 2018 Associate Head
    Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering

  • June 2018 Pre-retirement leave begins
  • Oct 2018 Retired from the University

Research Management

  • Chairman of the Departmental Research Committee
  • Member of the Engineering Faculty Research Committee
  • Member of the Research Committee of PolyU


  • The President’s Awards for Achievement (PolyU 96/97) – Research and Scholarly Activities
  • Faculty of Engineering Research Grant Achievement Award (2003)
  • 39th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva – Silver Medal: Ecodesign and Green Manufacturing Model for Electrical and Electronic Products under EuP Directive (Project team: Dr Winco Yung, Prof. L.Justice, Prof. Y. Lam, Prof. T.M. Yue and Ir Albert Choi)

Teaching and Research Specialties

  • Engineering materials
  • Laser materials processing technology
  • Surface coating
  • Electrospark technology

Professional Services

  • Member of the Machine Shop & Metal Working Industry Training Board of the VTC 1995-1998.
  • Committee Member of the HKIE - Materials Division 1996 - 2002.
  • Member of Continuing Professional Development Committee, HKIE 1997-2002.
  • Member of the Engineering Panel of the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2006.
  • Editorial Board Member of The Open Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Journal.
  • Editorial Board Member of ISRN Metallurgy
  • Independent review panel for KCRC (East Rail) rolling stock underframe equipment mounting cracking issues (2006) ( 東鐵裂紋事故獨立專家小組成員)

External Research Funding Secured

As Principal-investigator and Co-investigator, a total of over HK$60 million (US$7.8M). This includes 10 Competitive Earmarked Research Grants (CERG)/General Research Fund (GRF) from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (in the capacity of Principal Investigator); a success rate of 55%


He has a total number of over 200 publications in refereed journals.

Ten representative publications

  1. YUE, T.M., TABESHFAR, K., FORSYTH, P.J.E., Effect of microstructure on the plain and notched fatigue properties of IMI 550 Ti alloy. International Journal of Fatigue 7(1985) 149-153.
  2. YUE, T.M., Comparison of the fatigue behaviour of an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy (7010) in the form of squeeze and chill castings and rolled plate. Journal of Materials Science, 25(1990) 175-182.
  3. YUE, T.M., CHAN, T.W., MAN, H.C. and LAU, W.S., Analysis of ultrasonic-aided laser drilling using finite element method. CIRP Annals 45/1 (1996) 169-172.
  4. YUE, T.M., WANG, A.H., MAN, H.C., Improvement in the corrosion resistance of magnesium ZK60/SiC composite by excimer laser surface treatment. Scripta Materialia 38(2) (1997) 191-198.
  5. LIN, X., YUE, T.M., YANG, H.O., HUANG, W.D., Microstructure and phase evolution in laser rapid forming of a functionally graded Ti–Rene88DT alloy. Acta Materialia 54(2006) 1901-1915.
  6. YUE, T.M., SU, Y.P., Laser multi-layer cladding of Zr65Al7.5Ni10Cu17.5 amorphous alloy on magnesium substrates. Journal of Materials Science, 42(2007) 6153-6160.
  7. YUE, T.M., LI, T., Laser cladding of Ni/Cu/Al functionally graded coating on magnesium substrate. Surface and Coatings Technology 202(13) (2008) 3043-3049.
  8. YUE, T.M., LI, T., LIN, X., Microstructure and phase evolution in laser cladding of Ni/Cu/Al multilayer on magnesium substrates. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 41(1) (2010) 212-223.
  9. LI, Q.H., YUE, T.M., GUO, Z.N., LIN, X., Microstructure and corrosion properties of AlCoCrFeNi high entropy alloy coatings deposited on AISI 1045 steel by the electrospark process, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 44(4) (2013) 1767-1778.
  10. YUE, T.M., XIE, H., LIN, X. YANG, H.O., MENG, G.H., Solidification behaviour in laser cladding of AlCoCrCuFeNi high-entropy alloy on magnesium substrates, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 587 (2014) 588-593.

Book chapter

J.W. Liu and T.M. Yue, Electrochemical discharge machining of particulate-reinforced metal matrix composites, in Machining technology for composite materials: Principles and practice, edited by H Hocheng, 2011 Woodhead Publishing Limited, ISBN 0 85709 030 5


  1. Process for Making Nickel Electroforms (US Patent no. 6,620,303 B2) KP Wong, KC Chan, TM Yue (2003)
  2. Method of Drilling a Circuit Board (US Patent no. 6,809,289 B2) KC Yung, TM Yue, XY Fang (2004)
  3. Complex waveform electroplating (US Patent no. 6,919,011) KC Chan, KC Yung, TM Yue (2005)
  4. Method for fabrication of silicone composite with antimicrobial coating (US Patent no. 8,133,423 B2) CY Tang, DZ Chen, TM Yue, YY Chan (2012)
  5. Rapid fabrication of porous metal-based biomaterial by microwave sintering (US Patent no. 9,074,267) CY Tang, SP Bao, CP Tsui, TM Yue (2015)
  6. 一种电化学机械复合电极钻 (A kind of electrochemical and mechanical machining drill) (Chinese Patent No. 200820003360.7.) 刘江文 余大民 郭钟宁 (2008)
  7. 磨削辅助电化学放电加工工具及方法 (Grinding-aided electrochemical discharge machining method and electrode (Chinese Patent No. ZL 2010 1 0284957.5) 余大民 刘江文 (2014)