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The following subjects have been successfully registered as Continuing Education Fund (CEF) Reimbursable Courses. Students of self-financed programmes can apply for CEF before the commencement of study.The Department's certification (stamp chop) on the application form is required. You will be informed of the arrangement through email near the start of each semester.

ISE Subject CodeCourse TitleCEF Reimbursement Course Code
ISE389 Systematic Innovation for Product Development (ISE389) 22Z051159
ISE404 Total Quality Management 21Z057251
ISE407 Quality Management Systems 21Z057243
ISE422 Contemporary Issues in Quality Management 21Z050621
ISE423 Business Process Re-Engineering 21Z050613
ISE5001 Technology Transfer and Commercialisation 21Z037072
ISE520 Manufacturing Strategy 21Z037099
ISE542 Managing Knowledge (ISE542) 21Z04852A
ISE543 Methods and Tools For Knowledge Management Systems (ISE543) 21Z048538
ISE549 Management of Innovation and Technology 21Z037064
ISE554 Systematic Innovation for Product Development 22Z038012
ISE559 Technology Audit and Assessment 21Z037080
ISE5600 Organizational Learning: Methods and Practices (ISE5600) 21Z048546
ISE5601 Managing and Measuring Intellectual Capital (ISE5601) 21Z048554
ISE5602 Management of Innovation and Technology (ISE5602) 21Z048511
ISE430 New Product Planning and Development 22Z06790A
ISE512 Warehousing and Material Handling Systems 25Z06810-6
ISE525 Global Operations and Logistics Management 25Z06811-4