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Nov 2018
Who's Leading Who? - How Digital Transformation Enforces Shifts of Influences


15 Nov 2018 - 15 Nov 2018


6:30pm - 8:00pm


Room HJ209, Podium, J Core, PolyU


Nico Wunderlich

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Free of charge


Who's Leading Who? - How Digital Transformation Enforces Shifts of Influences


Industries are challenged by the rapid digitization of business models. Extant market players are characterized by a long grown IT infrastructure and complex organizational structures. The emergence of digital opportunities such as (big) data analysis, artificial intelligence, or machine learning forces organizations to transform their strategies, capabilities, and structures to provide agile and innovative business reactions. These challenges associated with digital transformation will embrace a broader range of the workforce and intensify the interaction and cooperation of established organizational units.

Based on three (internationally published) studies, Nico Wunderlich will discuss how digital transformation changes the co-working between the business and IT-side on different organizational levels. In this presentation, Nico Wunderlich will present who influences a fused IT and business strategy on managerial level, how IT decisions are allocated between IT and business units and how digital transformation moves the creation of organizational innovativeness within different hierarchical levels.

Nico Wunderlich
Goethe University

Frankfurt House of Finance

Nico Wunderlich is Doctoral Candidate in Information Systems and Research and Teaching Assistant at the Goethe University and the House of Finance in Frankfurt, Germany. At the Chair of Information Management of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang König, he intensifies his interest in how organizational culture and structures favor the change towards a fully digital enterprise.

From 2015-2018, he acted additionally as Assistant to the Managing Director of the E-Finance Lab, a public-private cooperation of a network of industry partners and universities for research funding.

Specializing in Quantitative Methods and Business Psychology, he gained his M.Sc. in Business Administration from Goethe University Frankfurt in 2011. Before, during, and after his master studies he advised companies in IT-enabled business process optimization.

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