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Associate Professor
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Brief Biosketch

Dr. Kwong received his MSc degree in Advanced Manufacturing Systems from the University of Nottingham, UK and his PhD degree from the University of Warwick, UK. He worked in manufacturing industry for seven years in the areas of product development and tool design. Then, he joined The Hong Kong Polytechnic University as a lecturer and currently is an Associate Professor in Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of the University. His research areas include new product development, product family design, product line design, integrated product design, as well as data analytics and computational intelligence for design and manufacture. Dr. Kwong published about 200 research papers in which more than 130 papers were published in SCI journals. He also published one book about computational intelligence for product design, and four book chapters.

Teaching and Research Specialties

Teaching specialties of Dr. Kwong are product planning, new product development and design for manufacture.

His research areas include new product planning and development, computational intelligence for design and manufacture, product line/family design, quality function deployment, affective design, integrating marketing, engineering and supply chain for product design, design for manufacture, and modelling of customer satisfaction. 

Professional Qualifications

  • Chartered Engineer, UK
  • Corporate member, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
  • Corporate member, The Institution of Engineers, Australia
  • Chartered Professional Engineer, Australia
  • Senior member, The Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, China
  • Corporate member, The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK

Professional and Scholarly Activities

  • Editor, Global Journal of Engineering Science
  • Editor, Journal of Industrial Engineering
  • Guest editor, Journal of Neurocomputing
  • Guest editor, Journal of Engineering Design
  • Editorial board member, Artificial Intelligence and Applications
  • Course assessor, The Open University of Hong Kong
  • Assessor of corporate membership, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
  • Committee member, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (manufacturing and industrial engineering division)
  • Theme leader of product and process design group, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Programme leader, Engineering Doctorate Degree programme, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • In-charge of NTL Digital Factory Laboratory, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • In-charge of Integrated Product Design Laboratory, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Program committee members of various international conferences

Selected Research Projects (as Principal Investigator / Chief Supervisor)

  • Big data analytics for product planning and forecasting
  • Extraction of implicit prodcut features and their dynamic analysis based on opinion mining from online customer reviews
  • Competitive product design using opinion mining and fuzzy modeling
  • Incorporating refurbished products into product line design with consideration of market uncertainty
  • Optimal product line design: an integrated affective design, marketing and engineering approach
  • An Integrated marketing and engineering approach to product line design with consideration of remanufactured products
  • Joint decision in product family and close-loop supply chain design
  • Modeling of affective relationships for product design
  • An integrated methodology for determining the optimum value setting of engineering requirements for new products
  • An intelligent system for defining design specifications of new products
  • An integrated fuzzy modular function deployment for modular design
  • Fuzzy product positioning for new product development
  • Optimizing product family design based on market driven and MOGA approaches
  • Modeling of customer satisfaction and determination of specifications for product design using computational intelligence techniques

Recent Publications

  1. Wu, Z., Kwong, C.K., Aydin, R. and Tang, J., (2017) A cooperative negotiation embedded NSGA-II for solving an integrated product family and supply chain design problem with remanufacturing consideration, Applied Soft Computing, 57, 19-34.
  2. Tong Le, Wong, W.K. and Kwong, C.K., (2017) Fabric Defect Detection for Apparel Industry: A Nonlocal Sparse Representation Approach, IEEE Access, 5, 5947-5964.
  3. Luo, Xinggang, Kwong, C.K. and Tang, Jiafu, (2017) Comment on 'A simulation-based approach to price optimisation of the mixed bundling problem with capacity constraints', International Journal of Production Economics, 139, P.50.
  4. Jiang, Huimin, Kwong, C.K. and Park, Woo-Yong, (2017) Probabilistic Fuzzy Regression Approach for Preference Modeling, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 64, 286-294.
  5. Jiang, Huimin, Kwong, C.K., and Yung, K.L., (2017) Predicting future importance of customer needs based on online customer reviews, Journal of Mechanical Design, 139(11), 111413-1-10. 
  6. Mu, Lifeng and Kwong, C.K. (2018) A multi-objective optimization model of component selection in enterprise information system integration, Computers and Industrial Engineering, 115, 279-289.
  7. Aydin, R., Kwong, C.K., Geda, M.W. and Kremer, G.E., (2018) Determining the optimal quantity and quality levels of used product returns for remanufacturing under multi-period and uncertain quality of returns, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 94(9-12), 4401-4414.
  8. Zichen Zhang, Xinggang Luo, C.K. Kwong, J. Tang, and Yang Yu, (2018) Impacts of service uncertainty in bundling strategies on heterogeneous consumers, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,  28, Feb. 230-243.
  9. Jiang, Huimin, Kwong, C.K., Park W.Y. and Yu, K.M., (2018) A multi-objective PSO approach of mining association rules for affective design based on online customer reviews, Journal of Engineering Design, 29(7), 381-403.
  10. Wu, C.H., Leung, P.P.L., Dong, N., Ip, W.H., Ho, G.T.S. and Kwong, C.K., Optimization of Terminal Serviceability Based On Chaotic GA-Based Method, Malaysian Journal of Computer Science (accepted for publication)
  11. Jin, J., Liu, Y., Ji, P. and Kwong, C.K., (2019) Review on Recent Advances of Information Mining  from Big Consumer Data for Product Design, Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, 19(1), 010801.
  12. Zhang, Z., Luo, X., Kwong, C.K. and Tang, J., (2019) Return and Refund Policy for Product and Core Srvice Bundling in the Dual-Channel Supply Chain, International Transactions of Operational Research, 26(1), 223-247.
  13. Leung, P.P.L., Wu, C.H., Kwong, C.K., and Ching, W.K. (2019) Nursing shortage in the public healthcare system: an exploratory study of Hong Kong, Enterprise Information Systems (available online).
  14. Chan, K.Y., Kwong, C.K., Jiang, Huimin, Clark, P., Jain P., Salih, B.A.,  Wong, A., and Fung, K.Y.,  Affective Design using machine learning: A survey and its prospect of conjoining big data, International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (accepted for publication)
  15. Ng, K.H., Lee, C.K.M. and Kwong, C.K., A system dynamics model for evaluating food waste management in Hong Kong, China, Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management (accepted for publication)
  16. Geda, M., Kwong, C.K. and Jiang, Huimin, Fastening method selection with simultaneous consideration of product assembly and disassembly from a remanufacturing perspective, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (accepted for publication).


Last modified in Feb. 2019