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PolyU teams support the world’s first landing on the far side of the Moon!  Involved in the nation’s space exploration programmes for years, the University adopts a cross-disciplinary approach, and integrates its pool of expertise and resources to develop sophisticated solutions with impact. Adopted by the Chang’e-4 mission was PolyU’s advanced technologies, including the Camera Pointing System designed and developed by Prof. KL Yung of Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and his research team.  More details can be found at: https://polyu.hk/NZlXo



Camera Pointing System on Chang’e-4 developed by Prof. Kai-leung Yung (3rd from right, front row), Associate Head of Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, PolyU and his research team.



PolyU's multi-disciplinary team supports China's recent Chang’e-4 mission.


Source: PolyU Website


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