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了解市場所需才是關鍵 Knowing Your Market is the Key


有時候說一個好或不好的marketing plan(市場計劃,首先第一步是關鍵。有些所謂不好的PLAN(市場計劃可能是第一個步驟做business overview(市場概覽時做得不夠完備,做得不夠透。往往以為看過市場的一些東西,其實看得不夠全面,想了很多妙計或花了很多功夫才發現自己想做的原來市場已經有,或者很相近的宣傳已能在市場找到。這是經常發生的、經常出現的,這就是前期功夫做得不好。這就是我經常說的MARKETING PLAN(市場計劃的前段第一部份marketing overview(市場概覽可能做了一半的篇幅,就是因為你越詳細了解個市場的需要,就越能給你一些INSIGHT(深刻見解)了解什麼是對,或者讓你了解什麼能夠適應到現有市場不能解決的問題,這個是重要的。如果你未能透徹了解(市場,往往重復做了市場已有的東西,即徒勞無功。


Whether a marketing plan is good or not, we need to think about the first step – the key to the success of a marketing plan.  Some marketing plans are considered mediocre because the first step – market overview – is not done comprehensively or thoroughly.  Sometimes those marketers think they have seen something in the market.  In fact, this is not comprehensive enough.  They have come up with numerous brilliant ideas or spent a lot of effort, yet what they want to do, or very similar publicity, can already be found in the existing market.  This is often the case or this frequently happens.  This is inadequacy at the early stage.  This is what I always say the first step – market overview – which marketers could have included half of their plan at the early stage.  The more detailed you understand the market needs, the more insights you can get to fill the gap or solve the problem in the current market.  This is important.  If we fail to understand thoroughly the existing market, and repeat what has been done, that is vain.


另一樣就是當你做overview(市場概覽時不單單只看市場有什麼不足,有時也可看看究竟其他國家,或其他品牌、或相類近模式的公司,參考他們怎樣做法,很多時可以給你啟發。譬如做香港市場很小,你可以參考美國、日本、台灣相類的品牌怎樣處理,很多時這些overview(市場概覽會幫到你,如果將個idea(構思套在香港是否適合,究竟件事會否都work(可行,又或者如果將之套在香港稍為演變完會變成另一件事、會變得更加好呢?這些都屬於market overview(市場概覽,屬於第一部需要做的事。我發覺很多時好的marketing plan(市場計劃都源於前期功夫做得很充足,這就是我認為好的marketing plan(市場計劃一個重要原素。


Another thing is that when we do a market overview, we do not only pay attention to the insufficiency in the market, but also make reference of other countries’ or other brands’ experiences.  This may give us an inspiration most of the time.  For example, the Hong Kong market is pretty small.  We can make reference of publicity of similar brands in the United States, Japan or Taiwan.  Many of these overviews help us to consider whether our ideas are applicable or feasible in Hong Kong.  Or would it become another better story, or evolve other new ideas if the same ideas are applied in the Hong Kong context.  They are all about market overviews, the first step of formulating a marketing plan.  I always find a successful marketing plan derives from adequate preparation at the early stage.  That is what I believe the key element of a successful marketing plan.


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