About The Fund

PolyU Micro Fund Scheme (the Scheme) - a key knowledge transfer and entrepreneurial initiative of PolyU since its inception in 2011, aiming to

  • Cultivate an innovative and entrepreneurial ambience in the PolyU community
  • Nurture socially responsible youngsters with "Do Well Do Good" entrepreneurship through practical hands-on entrepreneurial endeavours
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer of PolyU's innovations and technologies

The Scheme aims to stimulate and ignite students’ and young graduates’ creative potential and entrepreneurial spirit, with experiential learning components integrated into the process to augment conventional classroom learning.

The spirit of the scheme is to nurture 
"Do Well Do Good" entrepreneurship of PolyU students and alumni.

We look for business propositions under the following two themes:

that are commercially viable as a start-up venture with social impact.

Unlike conventional business plan competitions, a HK$120,000 seed fund will be awarded to each approved team to implement their business ideas by installments with quarterly reviews of the progress.

Eligible Applicants

Students (Full-Time or Part-Time) or Alumni of the PolyU, HKCC or SPEED

(Students / Alumni must be pursuing or have secured degree, associate degree or diploma or any other academic qualifications offered by PolyU)

Important Note for Research Students

Current research postgraduate student should check with Research Office if any approval is necessary prior to application.


The Prize

Winning applicants shall be awarded:

  • Seed Fund up to HK$120,000 per project will be awarded to the approved applicants to support their implementation of good business propositions with positive social impact within 12 months
  • Pre-incubation support will be provided to awardees at the infancy stage of their business, including:

    – Multi-disciplinary Entrepreneurship Training through workshops, seminars, visits, etc.;

    – Mentorship Programme through interactions with Poly-preneurs™, seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders; 

    – Networking Opportunities with potential partners, customers, investors and fellow entrepreneurs; 

    – Access to Further Incubation and Funding Support, e.g. Cyberport, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, Hong Kong Design Centre, Hong Kong Business Angel Network, etc.; and

    – Professional Advice on project execution and development.

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