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PolyU Micro Fund 2017 - Final Result Announcement

Date: 13 April 2017

We take pleasure to announce the final result of the PolyU Micro Fund 2017 as listed below:

E-17-007           E-17-047
E-17-009           E-17-049
E-17-010           E-17-053
E-17-012           E-17-056
E-17-029           E-17-072
E-17-033           E-17-077
E-17-035           E-17-081
E-17-039           E-17-092

Should your team is awarded, the PA will be officially notified under a separate email accordingly.

Congratulations and thanks a lot for your participation in PolyU Micro Fund 2017. We sincerely look forward to your continual support and participation in the future.

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