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PolyU Micro Fund 2017 - Shortlisted Applications

Date: 08 December 2016

We take pleasure to announce the following shortlisted applications for PolyU Micro Fund 2017:

E-17-001      E-17-020      E-17-044      E-17-064
E-17-002      E-17-021      E-17-045      E-17-065
E-17-005      E-17-023      E-17-047      E-17-066
E-17-006      E-17-027      E-17-049      E-17-070
E-17-007      E-17-029      E-17-050      E-17-072
E-17-008      E-17-033      E-17-053      E-17-076
E-17-009      E-17-034      E-17-055      E-17-077
E-17-010      E-17-035      E-17-056      E-17-079
E-17-012      E-17-039      E-17-057      E-17-081
E-17-015      E-17-041      E-17-058      E-17-082
E-17-016      E-17-042      E-17-060      E-17-090
E-17-018      E-17-043      E-17-061      E-17-092

* In ascending order of application numbers

Should your application be shortlisted, congratulations and you should be notified by a separate email.

For those who are not in the list, we encourage you to continue your entrepreneurial dream and journey, and we wish you every success in your future endeavors.

We thank you for your participation in PolyU Micro Fund 2016. We sincerely look forward to your continual support in future.

Yours faithfully,

Micro Fund Team – Institute for Entrepreneurship

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