Below are some of the Poly-preneurs® on our growing list. If you are the PolyU alumnus who have founded a company, now or in the past, and you would like to have your company be part of this campaign, please fill in the form to add your company to this list.

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Tomson Holdings Limited
  Tomson Holdings Limited owns the well-known timepiece brand "NICE" and "COOL". "NICE" and "COOL" watches receive success in European Union, asia, Middle East, North America and La ...
Top Trend International Investment Limited
  Founded in 2010, Top Trend International has been involved in a wide range of business fields including wholesaling, retailing and property management. With a focus on fashionable ...
Topix Ltd
  Topix photography is dedicated to providing professional photography, video and design services for marketing and communication professionals. It's scope of service covers Adverti ...
  支持創意生活! 獨家設計手作! 花費時間和心思的手工禮品變得彌足珍貴,我們主要提供自家創作小量製作雷射切割彫刻精品禮品,價錢 ...
Touch Creative
  We are a graphic design studio providing full service from concept to production. We aim at helping Hong Kong's SMEs gaining competitive edge in the their market place through exce ...
  Tranzer is a cultural and creative development company. We focus on events, workshops, seminars, and cultural trips in order to instill young people positive values and attitude to ...
Travel To Success Limited
  We specified in tailor made / Business / Study & Exchange tour etc. Special experience or meaningful tour program is the most important things we focus. We can also help local gro ...
TravelFever 自遊狂熱
  Travel agency with selling worldwide local tours and service to tourists.
Tree Tree Deco
  業務主要為客人提供氣球佈置方案。Tree Tree Deco 團隊內包括多位資深平面設計師,希望由每位顧客構思氣球驚喜,以至企業活動場地佈置 ...
  Building materials
Trenton-BOMA Limited
  A pharmaceutical distributor established in Year 2000 for marketing in HK of first-to-market generic pharmaceuticals imported from Europe, Canada and Asia.
Trinity Company
  Marketing Services
Triple Thinker Group 三思學堂
  我們相信每個人都是天才! 透過皮紋檢測系統,致力開發人的大腦潛能,發掘優點,認清弱點,増強補弱,因材施教,放對位置。每人都 ...
Trustful Medical & Domestic Services Co. Limited
  本公司為一所提供專業醫護人員到戶服務的公司,專業團隊服務包括註冊護士、登記護士 、物理治療師、職業治療師、註冊社工、保健 ...
  TULIP HK is a Hong Kong based company focusing on jewelry and accessory business. We act as a professional gateway for you to source for costume jewelry, hair ornaments and fash ...
TY Consultancy Limited
  Strategic and Management Consultancy, Process Improvement Advisory and Transactional Outsourcing Advisory
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