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Mobile Exo-neuro-musculo-skeleton

Lightweight, portable robotic arm for post-stroke rehabilitation

Principal Investigator: Dr HU Xiaoling, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Combining neuro-muscular electrical stimulation, soft pneumatic artificial muscle and exoskeleton, the device can sense the electromyogram (EMG) signals of paretic muscles and provide voluntary motor intention control for users. It thus offers effective self-help and mobile upper limb rehabilitation for patients after stroke. Its soft and flexible design makes it lightweight, compact and comfortable to wear, enabling patients to use it for training anywhere, anytime.

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PI: A Smart Construction Quality Management System

Eyes and intelligence for construction site management

Principal Investigator: Prof. Heng LI, Department of Building and Real Estate
PI is a vision-based AI-enabled construction site management system that uses computer vision and deep learning to perform laborious management tasks.  The smart system can be adopted in almost all aspects of site management including resource allocation, quality control, safety and progress management, greatly relieving the managers and inspectors of their heavy burden.

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Industrial IoT-based Smart Robotic Warehouse Management System

Smart and cost-efficient solution for congested warehouse space

Principal Investigator: Dr Carman LEE Ka-man, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
The smart system applies Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and robotics to redefine logistics operations and warehouse picking and replenishment processes. Using autonomous mobile robots and advanced intelligent robotic algorithms, it revolutionizes the conventional labour-intensive man-to-goods procedures by adopting goods-to-man automation operation. The system of high operational efficiency also helps enhance labour and space utilization in warehousing.

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Automated System for Surface Pitting Analysis on Airplane Jet Engine

Improving inspection accuracy and flight safety

Principal Investigator: Dr Stephen O’BRIEN, Aviation Services Research Centre
 “Pitting” is a surface defect found on critical jet engine components of complex shapes and different sizes. The newly-developed automated system by Aviation Services Research Centre (ASRC) of PolyU employs robotics, artificial intelligence and deep learning, image processing, 3D scanning, optical metrology, and non-destructive testing technologies to identify and measure “corrosive pitting” such that precise information such as pitting position, depth and diameter can be obtained.

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Micro-embossing Equipment for Precision Optical Microstructures

A low-cost and energy-efficient technology to make micro- and nano-lenses

Principal Investigator: Dr Lihua LI, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
The novel micro-embossing equipment with graphite-like carbon film can produce micron-level micro-structural optical components in glass using self-developed heating technology and innovative mould design. The equipment enables rapid and accurate impression of small aspheric lens and fine optical microstructures such as microlens array.

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PolyU showcased these research projects in Virtual InnoCarnival 2020. Come and visit our virtual booth to find out how you can be benefited from our state-of-the-art technology.

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