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Technology Frontier

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Biomimicking Photocrosslinkable Nanocomposite Bone Graft (Photo)Oct 2021Biomimicking Photocrosslinkable Nanocomposite Bone Graft

All-round injectable and 3D printable bone graft substitute that promotes bone healing

Smart All-electric Antilock Braking System (Photo)Aug 2021Smart All-electric Antilock Braking System

Safer, quieter, more responsive and eco-friendly

Liverscan: Portable, Non-invasive System (Photo)Jun 2021Liverscan: Portable, Non-invasive System

Performs accurate liver fibrosis assessment

CareCoatex<sup>TM</sup> Antimicrobial Coating (Photo)Apr 2021CareCoatexTM Antimicrobial Coating

Research excellence meets entrepreneurial mindset for impact and social good

Non-destructive Diagnostics for Underground Utilities (Photo)Feb 2021Non-destructive Diagnostics for Underground Utilities

Visualising and locating buried pain points