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The Practicum

Online Entrepreneurship Learning

To increase the audience reach of entrepreneurship training with limited resources, PolyU embarked on a strategic direction to develop online entrepreneurship learning materials as precursors for the existing line up of off-line training programmes. This online entrepreneurship learning resource centre, titled “The Practicum”, was soft launched in January 2016. To date, it has 4 thematic modules featuring 24 videos. It is planned that 40 additional videos will be developed in FY2016-17.

The Practicum is a dedicated collection of videos presented by Institute for Entrepreneurship (IfE). The videos serve as quick guides and convenient references for those who strive for success in their entrepreneurial endeavours. The Practicum contains lectures, interviews, case studies, investors’ insights and more. Contents are tailored to the local contexts. Videos are available in one or more of the following languages, namely Cantonese, English and Putonghua.

Please refer to this link to access the online materials.

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