Success Stories

Since its establishment in 2011, the Micro Fund program has so far funded 25 startup ventures formed by PolyU students and alumni. Some of them have been doing quite successful already. Below are some examples.

A team of 3 youngsters won the ticket to present its idea in Silicon Valley

Aftership, a startup formed by 3 youngsters, one of them being a student from The Hong Kong Community College, won the Startup Weekend Hong Kong and Global Startup Battle in November 2011. They earned the fast in-road to pitch their business idea to investors in Singapore and Silicon Valley. Aftership is a package tracking application for online merchants and online customers. It greatly reduces customer enquiries and generates more returned customers for online merchants.


Post-80 youngsters won prestigious awards in business plan competition

A team formed by two post-80 PolyU alumni won the “80’s Dream Business Plan Competition” organized by the Commercial Radio Interactive in September 2011. The new startup, Service Elite Asia Limited, offers professional service check and customer intelligence tracking tools for the hospitality industry in the Asia Pacific region. Tapping on its connection with the hotel industry, the startup further launched a mobile app for hotel restaurant booking with discount offers in August 2012. The app was well received by the public and had been ranked top in the Free App category of App Store for a few days.


Two pet-lovers won a social enterprise challenge with the idea of upcycling dog hair

Two PolyU alumni from the School of Design won the Champion of the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge 2011 with their innovative idea of upcycling dog hair waste from grooming dogs. They develop the premium brand “WOOF” to produce elegant, fun and animal friendly fashion items with quality yarn made of dog hair fiber. WOOF aims to change public attitudes towards animals by reducing animal surrenders, increasing animal adoptions and enhancing human-animal relationship.


Apart from developing their products or services and running their business operations, the startup ventures are also very active in securing further incubation funding and participating in various competitions. Total funding secured from local incubators has exceeded $2,000,000 already.