PolyU Student Entrepreneurial Proof-of-Concept Funding Scheme


PolyU Student Entrepreneurial Proof-of-Concept Funding Scheme (the “Scheme”) is a pilot funding initiative launched by the Institute for Entrepreneurship (“IfE”) as one of the key entrepreneurial education component of the newly established PolyU InnoHub.  It aims to work with academic departments / course instructors closely to augment their entrepreneurship courses with extra-curricular support to their classes and students. Registered students benefit from different services and resources support including entrepreneurship training complementary to formal curricula, use of work spaces at the InnoHub and its regional affiliates, and funding support to enable the students to apply their academic knowledge and skills into real life innovation.

The objectives of the Scheme are:

  • To create a strategic linkage between teaching and innovative entrepreneurial practice, motivating students to put classroom learning into application by developing prototypes with market validation
  • To equip students with entrepreneurial mindset and experience for their career pursuit, either as an intrepreneur in the workforce or as an entrepreneur running their own businesses.
  • To enhance knowledge transfer and commercialization through guided student-grown-entrepreneur process
  • To promote faculty-industry interaction through clearly defined development areas of common interest with high university-industry collaboration potential.

Features and Privileges

Student teams successful in being admitted to the Scheme will receive the following supports:

  • Projectshop access to the co-creation space of the PolyU InnoHub, a new creative collaboration and co-working space with facilities both on campus at the 4th floor of Innovation Tower and the 3rd floor of the PolyU Shenzhen Base
  • A series of multi-disciplinary entrepreneurship trainings through workshops, seminars, visits, etc., to supplement credit-bearing curricula
  • A cash award up to HK$5,000 for each student team/project with good performance nominated by partnering instructors of the entrepreneurship related courses at Year 3 and Year 4 levels.
  • A Proof-of-Concept (“POC”) fund up to HK$30,000 per awarded project for prototyping and market testing and validation of the project idea, with mentoring and facility support throughout the development cycle.

For more details, please download the following documents: