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Harnessing the University’s expertise and resources, KTEO provides a wide range of services, fostering entrepreneurship spirit, helping industry create innovative products, and strengthening the competitive edge of enterprises in the global marketplace. At KTEO, we believe in the strength of action, community and education (ACE) to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship, building our ecosystem around them.

ACTION - Just Do It

Entrepreneurship is about embracing uncertainty. PolyU’s various grants and funds encourage future entrepreneurs to step out of their comfort zone and make their first, yet important step in the journey to becoming entrepreneurs.

COMMUNITY - Together We're Stronger

Entrepreneurship is a tough and lonely journey. By leveraging the resources of our partners, we render support to students and entrepreneurs through co-working spaces, referral programmes and many other exchange and networking events.

EDUCATION - Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

Entrepreneurship can be taught and learned. However, it is more a sport than a science. Just like any athlete, an entrepreneur has to train in every facet and in his/ her mind-set, skills and knowledge. PolyU provides learning opportunities through educational programmes of all kinds.