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Market Exploration & Exchange Tours

PolyU’s effort to reach out overseas and build partnerships has generated positive results, with some start-ups in recent years expanding into other markets in the Greater China region and at ASEAN countries. Every year, PolyU’s start-ups participate in various outreaching tours:

  • Meet Taipei @ Taipei - the largest entrepreneurship conference and exhibition event in Taiwan
  • Innovfest Unbound @ Singapore - exploring business and market expansion opportunities in South East Asia
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) @ Shanghai - one of China’s biggest entrepreneurship conference and exhibition events
  • Shenzhen Hi-Tech Fair @ Shenzhen - a major innovation expo with a long history and tradition in China

The Entrepreneurship Society, PolyU’s student group, has also organised study tours to Mainland China to enrich their student members’ understanding of China market and broaden their horizons on developing entrepreneurship. Visits to prestart-up centres, participation in conferences and joint-universities activities let students experience the entrepreneurial culture and expand their network.