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IfE Entrepreneurship Training

IfE offers different entrepreneurship training programmes targeting different audience along their entrepreneurial journey

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Entrepreneurship bootcamps have been run both in Hong Kong and Shanghai (in collaboration with STEFG, Fudan University and Tongji University) to help young students crystalise their innovative ideas into fundable business propositions.

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From Research to Business Programme

To nurture “technopreneurs” and help commercialise PolyU technologies, a one-month training programme “From Research to Business: Nurturing Technopreneurs” has been organised since 2014. The programme specifically targets research students and staff, and offers training in technology transfer and entrepreneurship.

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Lean Launchpad Programme

To help PolyU Micro Fund applicants learn as they go, a series of training sessions have been offered using the “Lean Launchpad” entrepreneurial learning framework. This aims to improve the quality of applications through a systematic approach, and to validate start-up ideas for better problem-idea and product-market fit.

Entrepreneurship Enrichment Workshops

Practical workshops have been regularly organised for PolyU-supported start-ups to improve both soft skills and practical knowledge about operating a business. These have included team building, sales negotiation, intellectual property protection, social media marketing, etc.

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