Good Seed


To support social innovation projects and address poverty and other social issues, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation (J.C.DISI) of PolyU launched the “Good Seed” programme which is funded by the Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund). As the name of the programme suggests, it aims to sow the seeds of community care among young people so that they will take the right actions for building an inclusive and harmonious society.
Good Seed is composed of three stages to nurture young people to become Social Innovation Implementers:
Stage 1: Interactive & Action-oriented Learning - Design, Technology & Business Focused Interactive, action-oriented training focused on “Design”, “Technology” and “Business” to equip young people with necessary understanding, skills and knowledge as Social Innovation Implementers (SIIs) and change makers.
Stage 2: Idea Competition - Competing for "Good Seed Money" An idea competition for those innovative ideas developed in Stage 1 to compete for funding support.
Stage 3: Project Implementation - Testing ideas and prototyping Funded by the SIE Fund, “Good Seed Money” will be offered to the winning teams to implement their projects with the support of PolyU, NGOs, design and industry mentors from our network. 
Post-Programme Support - Additional Support from PolyU or other Intermediaries:
Post-programme support, including further funding from PolyU and bridging to other Intermediary for continual incubation and investment will be endeavored.
Good Seed welcomes Students and Graduates of local Higher Education Institutions to apply.
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