Entrepreneurial Community

With 75 years of history, PolyU has accumulated a diverse community of over 300,000 with one common identity – PolyU alumni. PolyU’s knowledge transfer and commercialization can be greatly benefited and facilitated through alumni with most of them being successful entrepreneurs and leaders in different sectors.

In 2012, PolyU recruited about 500 alumni who run their own businesses as “Poly-preneurs”. Many enthusiastic alumni are supportive of their alma mater’s knowledge transfer initiatives, with some of them being instrumental to the commercialization of PolyU technologies.

In addition, many Poly-preneurs have voluntarily participated in the mentorship scheme of the Micro Fund program. With their valuable entrepreneurial experience and established connections, they provide insights and advices to the young entrepreneurs during their initial stage of running their own business.

As PolyU produces more and more aspiring entrepreneurs and expands the Poly-preneur family, their good practices and contribution in knowledge transfer will be the future driving force of the sustainable economy.


Partnering with Stakeholders in the Community

PolyU has been actively involved with local startup communities, supporting events like Startup Weekend Hong Kong, Global Entrepreneurship Week, HKTDC Entrepreneur Day, etc. The University also offers support services to our partners like the HK-Shenzhen and HK-Guangdong Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) Young Entrepreneurship Programme for the second year since 2012.

IfE has been actively pursuing win-win partnerships with like-minded organizations to instigate innovation and entrepreneurial thinking and culture for the young community. Cyberport, Hong Kong Science Park, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and Hong Kong Design Centre are examples of our partners. In particular, we supported Cyberport for its Guangdong-Hong Kong ICT Young Entrepreneur Programme 2013, providing over 200 participants with entrepreneurial training and coaching.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) is an important cornerstone to drive Hong Kong’s future economic development. As an education institution, PolyU will continue to be a key player to nurture I&E in both its campus and the startup community, soliciting young talents, funding good innovations, and educating young students and graduates to be aspired into socially responsible entrepreneurs with the “do well do good” ethos.