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Entrepreneurship Education

As a higher education institution, PolyU has the resources to cultivate an entrepreneurship mindset and skills for PolyU students, graduates and research staff through various activities and programmes with different focuses and learning objectives:

Credit-bearing Courses

Formal courses are being offered in a range of academic departments. They are in different disciplines and focus on a range of topics so that interested students can learn the basic concepts of entrepreneurship.

Extra-curricular Activities

Through Office of Student Development (OSD) and the recently established student-run Entrepreneurship Society, seminars, talks and visit tours are being organised for students who want to further develop their entrepreneurial mindsets and skills as part of their personal development. Study tours have also been organised to Singapore, Beijing and Israel to visit local entrepreneurial related organisations. These have proved to be an eye-opening experience for the students.

IfE Entrepreneurship Training Programmes

IfE offers a wide range of multi-disciplinary entrepreneurship training programmes targeting students, graduates, researchers and experienced entrepreneurs at different stages of their entrepreneurial pursuit. The training programmes include Social Innovation Training under Good Seed Programme, Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, “From Research to Business”Programme for researchers and research students, Lean Launchpad Programme and Entrepreneurship Enrichment Workshops for founders of our supported start-ups. IfE also joins hand with Fudan University to offer “High Potential Entrepreneurial Leadership” (HiPEL) Programme to young but veteran entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan.

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