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Course CodeCourse NameStart DateEnd DateTotal Contact HoursTimeFeeOpen for Application
MDFIN1024001020AFamily Law for Insurance Practitioners2021-07-182021-07-19200:00 - 00:00$280Apply Now
MDFIN1024002321AInsurance Products and Family Trust Application2022-03-112022-03-11200:00 - 00:00$280Apply Now
MDFIN1024002421AOvercome Biases to Promote Wiser Wealth Management Skills2022-02-252022-02-25300:00 - 00:00$330Apply Now
Professional Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing2021-02-212021-06-198610:00 - 17:00$18,000Closed
MDFIN1024001120AQuestions and Solutions on Annuity Plan Products 2021-07-192021-07-20300:00 - 00:00$330Apply Now
MDFIN1024001220AStrategies to Prepare for the Latest Development and Regulation Updates, in the Insurance Industry 2021-07-182021-07-19300:00 - 00:00$330Apply Now