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Continuous Professional Development Courses for Real Estate Agents 

Upcoming class: 19 December 2018


The Corporate Development of Training is one of the divisions of The Institute of Entrepreneurship (IfE-CDT), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). It is IfE-CDT’s honour to be The Estate Agents Authority (EAA)’s strategic partner to enhance the competence of the estate agency trade practitioners and keep their professional knowledge up-to-date.

IfE-CDT has liaised with the real estate development and management experts from the Department of Building and Real Estate, PolyU and industrial professionals to develop and deliver a series of quality Continuous Professional Develop (CPD) training program to meet the learning needs. Each course will be tailor-made for the estate agent industry and beneficial to its business, operation and practice.

Upon the completion of each course, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance from The Institute of Entrepreneurship, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. For the details of the CPD points, please contact EAA.


The courses aim to foster self-advancement of estate agency practitioners and to enhance their competitiveness. Each CPD course will provide practitioners appropriate and relevant skills to broaden their industry knowledge and to master the changing market situation in Hong Kong.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the CPD courses, the EA participants are expected to attain the following abilities, i.e. the learning outcomes of the Program:

  • To maintain, improve and broadening knowledge, expertise and competence
  • To develop personal qualities in professional context
  • To meet the changing needs of clients
  • To respond to new opportunities and emerging learning needs
  • To behave in a professional manner when conducting business

These expected qualities are fully in line with EEA’s requirements as stated in the EAA’s tender document.

Target Participants

Licensed Real Estate Agents in Hong Kong.

Course Content

講座一:從城市規劃看香港物業的未來發展 (25 October 2018)

  • 香港面對的規劃限制(例如土地不足、人口老化等)與解決辦法
  • 城市發展的成功/失敗例子(包括填海地區、新興中產社區等)
  • 未來的挑戰及發展(如市區重建、新界收地、新鐵路網絡等)
  • 大灣區發展政策對香港的衝擊

講座二:中美貿易戰與加息週期下的房產及其他資產配置策 (19 December 2018)

  • 中美貿易戰會令樓價大跌嗎?
  • 加息週期重臨 - 供平過租 vs. 租平過供?
  • 業主應否賣樓套現,再將資金配置於其他投資產品?
  • 看好房產的話一定要買樓嗎?地產股或房地產投資信託基金會否更具彈性?
  • 現金為王(Cash is King)真的是金科玉律嗎?


Full-time lecturers from PolyU or visiting lecturers from IfE

Medium of Instruction

The course will be conducted in Cantonese. Course materials in Traditional Chinese with some terminology in English.


Certificate of Attendance


Please call us on 3400 2773 or email us at for details of application and payment procedures.