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Qualifications Framework

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Qualifications Framework Programmes and Learning Organisations

Many corporations hope to integrate internal training with entrepreneurial development strategies. They also hope to incorporate the Qualifications Framework (QF) promoted by the Hong Kong SAR Government when planning their corporate staff training. The greatest challenge of running QF programmes is that the curriculum design must be assessed and accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ).

Our Services

IfE has an advisory team to provide support to corporate development. It can:

  • work with organisations to design training workshops using the QF framework
  • help corporations set up a curriculum quality check
  • improve instruction modes for corporate programmes for better efficiency
  • create a comprehensive talent development plan for corporations reflecting their strategic development, transforming them into learning organisations.

Our Team

Our team comprises experts including university professors, HKCAAVQ subject specialists, and experienced industry professionals.

Success Cases

Our team has successfully developed custom-made training programmes for different corporations. In respect of QF programmes, our team would provide services include:

  • helping file QF applications
  • running or co-running QF programmes
  • devising plans for “Corporate Academy”
  • setting up curriculum quality assurance systems for teaching and learning support.

The advisory team has worked with corporations in areas including retail, services, manufacturing and aviation. Most clients are listed companies, small and medium enterprises, public organisations and government departments.

Why Choose IfE?

IfE’s services are both practical and cost-effective. Because we can provide our services in stages, organisations can commit one step at a time towards accomplishing their strategic goals, whether by cultivating a learning culture, or by setting up and running QF programmes or “corporate universities”.


More information about the Qualifications Framework is available here.