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Professional Certificate in Investment Planning and Asset Management

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Course Name:            Professional Certificate in Investment Planning and Asset Management


QF Level:                    QF 4

                                    QR Registration No.: 18/000880/L4

                                    QR Registration Validity Period: On-going

CEF Course Code:      23K103629

Study Mode:                Part-time

Duration:                      4 months

Course Fee:                 HK$4,500

Start Date:                   To be advised

Delivery Language:     Cantonese

Course Material:          English or Traditional Chinese

Learning Outcomes:  

On completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:

ILO-1:   Calculate risk and expected returns of different investment vehicles;

ILO-2:   Explain different investment theories and apply them in portfolio management and risk diversification;

ILO-3:   Identify client’s objectives and determine client’s risk profile;

ILO-4:   Assess client’s information and develop appropriate strategies for investment planning.


  • Investment risk and return
  • Modern Portfolio theory
  • Asset Pricing Models
  • Fixed-Income Portfolio Management
  • Derivatives and Alternative Investments
  • Investment Strategies and Portfolio Management
  • Investment Planning