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Professional Certificate in Growth Marketing Strategy

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Course Name:           Professional Certificate in Growth Marketing Strategy


QF Level:                     QF 5

                                    QR Registration No.: 18/000888/L5

                                    QR Registration Validity Period: On-going

CEF Course Code:      21K103585

Study Mode:                Part-time

Duration:                      6 months

Course Fee:                 HK$18,000

Start Date:                   To be advised

Delivery Language:     Cantonese

Course Material:          English

Learning Outcomes:  

On completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:

ILO-1:  Identify the benefits and address potential issues when moving business operations


ILO-2:  Develop sound business models with ICT as an integral part of products, processes and

             customer interactions

ILO-3:  Plan effective data strategies to promote business growth with the use of influential

            digital, social media, and content marketing

ILO-4:  Develop marketing performance metrics with digital and social media marketing


ILO-5:  Integrate growth hacking and data-driven marketing concepts to enhance digital and

              social media campaigns

ILO-6:  Apply minimal viable product (MVP) concepts and tools to generate prototype

            campaigns and produce actionable insights



  • eBusiness Model and eCommerce
    • Business Model and Value Proposition Design
    • E-commerce
      • E-commence overview and business strategy
      • E-commence infrastructure and security
      • E-commerce marketing and advertising
  • Growth  Hacking and Data-driven Marketing
    • Concept of Growth Hacking and Data-driven Marketing
    • Product for Growth
    • Growth Lever
    • High Tempo Testing
    • Channel Hacking
  •   Digital, Social Media and Growth Analytics
    •  Overview of Digital, Social Media and Content Marketing Analytics
    •  Data Analytics for Digital Marketing
    • Social Media and Content Analytics
    • Testing, Evaluation and Optimization