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Strategic Partnership with the Industrial and Commercial Sectors
Corporate Training and Development

IfE aims to transfer the University’s scientific research findings and knowledge to wider society by training professionals and leaders to meet society’s needs.

IfE acts as a bridge between the University, commerce and industry, fostering close rapport and collaboration for mutual benefit. It enables academic staff to conduct practical field research in organisations who want workable solutions that suit their needs.

With the support of the University’s diverse faculties, IfE provides custom-made professional training and consultancy services in finance, law, engineering, corporate management, e-marketing, and language/communication skills. The Corporate Development and Training Division is one of the three core divisions of the IfE that uses PolyU 's intellectual capital and knowledge base to help businesses achieve sustainable growth. We have worked with many organisations across various industries.

Strategic Partnership with the Industrial and Commercial Sectors, Corporate Training and Development
Open Programmes
Open Programmes

IfE offers open-enrollment targeted training to help corporate executives and other professionals become more all-rounded managers. Our part-customised programmes seek to strengthen both professional knowledge and leadership skills, drawing on experience from finance, law, leadership, e-marketing knowledge, human resources management and other disciplines. Participants learn how to overcome challenges and improve the competiveness of their organisation.

We also offer pioneering professional training for specific fields including teachers, engineers, accountants and medical professionals.

Custom-made Corporate Training

We also offer rigorous, comprehensive, custom-made training for government-funded services and institutions. All custom-made training is led either by the programme director or a PolyU professor. S/he plans training objectives and learning outcomes, shortlists the most suitable instructors, and suggests the most appropriate way to deliver the training for maximum effect.

Custom-made Corporate Training
Renowned Faculty and Seasoned Experts
Renowned Faculty and Seasoned Experts

Thanks to a sizeable team of instructors drawn from both PolyU teaching staff and seasoned professional experts, our training places equal weight on both academic and practical outcomes to achieve the best results.

Development and Training Programmes Targeted at Executives and Professionals

The Institute for Entrepreneurship of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has three major divisions. One of them is responsible for corporate training and development, which was initially established as the Management and Executive Development Centre. Leveraging the University’s advanced knowledge across disciplines and intellectual expertise, the Institute for Entrepreneurship strives to equip companies and businesses for accomplishing substantial and sustainable development. We also design training and development for selected sectors, tailor-made training courses for companies, as well as professional management consultancy services.

The Institute constantly offers a diverse range of professional and executive training programmes on a short-term basis. Subjects covered in these courses include finance, law, coaching, insurance and other financial services, marketing, etc.

Beside short courses, we organize Credit Accumulation Mechanism (CAM) courses on the application of technology, communication and language, marketing and management tools, product design, etc.

In additional, IfE also delivers Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes which are targeted solely at practicing engineering professionals. Through these programmes, participants can consolidate and polish their expertise in up-to-date approaches, while acquiring knowledge in social and digital marketing. They also receive management training covering practical topics such as international business, financial risks, and human resources.

Customized Training and Management Consultancy services are offered for corporations in both Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. The International Immersion Programme aims at familiarizing undergraduates or MBA students with the practices and business environment in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland through a series of visits and workshops.

In the academic year 2013/14, the Institute for Entrepreneurship of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) organized around 500 training courses, reaching out to more than 23700 participants from both private and public sectors. These top-level education programmes exemplified the Institute’s ongoing effort of providing quality corporate training, executive training and management training for executives and professionals, as well as tailoring courses for companies and industry organizations to their specific need.