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NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract

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This workshop aims to provide an introduction to the NEC (New Engineering Contract) and go through the various clauses and options of the contract with the attendees. In the past few years, the government and private corporations have adopted this new type of standard contract for some of their pilot projects. The NEC is regarded as flexible, simple and promotes good management practices as it fosters a partnering relationship between parties rather than the traditional confrontational relationship. It also allocates risk on a much fairer basis. The Hong Kong government is now planning to increase the number of projects adopting the NEC. Since this trend is expected to extend into the private sector in the near future, familiarity with the NEC is paramount for engineers to keep up with this trend and discharge their duties satisfactorily.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the background and development of NEC
  • Appreciate the advantages of the NEC
  • Understand the framework of the NEC
  • Learn the different types of NEC
  • Understand the core clauses
  • Understand the various options of NEC
  • Identity the different roles of personnel and their corresponding duties under the NEC
  • Obtain knowledge about time, testing and defects under the NEC regime
  • Understand the payment mechanism
  • Identity the compensation events
  • Understand how to terminate an NEC
  • Appreciate the shortcomings of the NEC
  • Learn some case laws on NEC disputes

Target Participants

HKIE Member or engineer

Course Contents

  • Types of NEC
  • ECC (The Engineering and Construction Contract)
  • ECS (The Engineering and Construction Subcontract)
  • PSC (Professional Services Contract)
  • TSC (Term Service Contract)
  • Core clauses
  • Main Options (A to F)
  • Secondary Options
  • Role of personnels: project manager and supervisor
  • Target cost v construct only tenders
  • Contractor’s main responsibilities
  • Time
  • Testing and defects
  • Payment
  • Compensation events
  • Termination
  • Dispute resolution options
  • Case laws

Date & Time

15 August 2020 (Sat), 9:30am - 5:00pm or

21 November 2020 (Sat), 9:30am - 5:00pm


HK$1,500 per course


Certificate of Attendance

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese (course materials in English)


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