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Management Development Programme

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From the Concepts of ABCDEF Onwards

IfE’s Management Development Programme (MDP) has set up systematic training for various corporations and government departments, among others. It originates from the concepts of ABCDEF, which are as follows:

Managers should realise that to have a positive Attitude, one must go Back to Basics. In various Contexts with various Constraints, one must face Challenges and dare to Change. Communication is one of the facets of transformation. To enhance corporate competiveness, there should be Design of Delights and an End-to-End approach should be adopted to formulate the process in accordance with the goals.

We adopt the FAST complexity concept when developing programmes for our clients. When faced with corporate problems, managers need to be Fact-finders, engaging in Analysis, Selecting Alternatives & Options and Taking Action. These are all personality traits that managers need.

Our Services

IfE’s services include:

  • understanding the culture and developmental visions of corporations and organisations
  • co-designing talent development and training plans with corporations and organisations
  • forming and initiating training plans
  • offering support and guiding students to learn and change in a sustainable fashion
  • assessing the effectiveness of training plans to improve and make further progress.

Our Advisory Team

Our Advisory Team comprises university professors and field experts with years of experience in corporate management and human resources development. Our team has a deep understanding of the corporate culture and human resources management methods of companies in numerous places including Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland and overseas.

Success Cases

We customised a management development training programme for a range of positions in a number of organisations and corporations in different industries. The programmes lasted for 5 to 15 days. Flexible lesson times meant that the programmes could be arranged on either Saturdays or Sundays. Parts were conducted as work simulations, where participants submitted research proposals combining work and knowledge for maximum effectiveness. The programme contents encompassed group discussions, role plays and case studies to raise participants’ learning efficiency.

Why choose IfE?

We help retail businesses, manufacturing businesses and government departments plan management development programmes. Parts of the curriculum design of such programmes are made in line with the requirements of the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework. The curriculum design also ensures that managers at all levels of an organisation receive professional, widely recognised training, thus helping accomplish corporate development goals.