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Partnership with Fudan University

PolyU partners with Fudan University to jointly design a series of entrepreneurship education programmes for young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The first programme - High Potential Entrepreneurial Leadership (HiPEL) Programme was launched in the summer of 2013, in which a group of 30 Hong Kong and Shanghai entrepreneurs participated. The Programme aims to further build their entrepreneurial leadership and to re-align their business models to achieve sustainable development. Following the encouraging success in the last summer, the Programme will continue in the coming summers.

Apart from the HiPEL Programme, a Shanghai-Hong Kong University Students Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is organized in the summer.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training Programme for Startup Founders

A series of short term training workshops are designed and soon to be launched for startup founders who are eager to enhance their skills and knowledge on selected areas like Design Thinking, Entrepreneurial Risk Management, etc.

Out-of-Classroom Learning

A series of out-of-classroom learning opportunities as extra-mural activities to augment traditional classroom learning:

  • Entrepreneurs Sharing Seminars
  • Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Seminars
  • Study Missions & Visits
  • Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
  • Forum & Conference

Online Entrepreneurship Learning Tools

Online Self-paced Entrepreneurship Learning Tool and a Startup Portal ( are currently under development.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

A 3-day entrepreneurship training camp was designed to guide students to develop their entrepreneurial ideas / projects with mentor support.

From Research to Business

A month-long training programme: From Research to Business: Nurturing Techno-preneurs was organized specifically for research students with a “flip classroom” approach, using both online learning tool and face-to-face workshops. Participants appreciated the opportunities and what it would take to commercialize their research outcome.