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Customer Service Quality Enhancement Plan

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IfE and PolyU’s School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) have joined forces in designing a customer service Quality Enhancement Plan for clients, allowing them to build their own high-quality service teams and helping them rise above the crowd.

Tailor-made Programmes

Our team, composed of members of IfE, SHTM and various professions, provides the following services:

  • Collaborating with clients to find out their “Pain Points” (areas in which the clients feel troubled) and “Gain Points” (areas in which the clients feel satisfied) to minimise pain points and maximise gain points, thus helping devise smoother business procedures.
  • Setting up procedures in accordance with the practical operations of the clients’ corporate model, simulating and imitating workplace scenarios to meet their corporate needs and expectations.
  • Introducing the concept of quality service for hotels or shops, instilling the idea of “customer-first” service and formulating the best experiential plans for clients
  • Training frontline staff to carry out experiential procedures to enhance their interactions with the clients.
  • Implementing plans and providing feedback to improve them.

The Advisory Team

Our Advisory Team includes university professors, hotel management experts and quality customer service experts.

Success Cases

We have provided a number of banking and retail clients with experiential plans and other related consultancy services. The plans were divided into two parts: experiencing the formulation of business procedures, and training. Our Advisory Team observed on-site practical procedures and discussed them with frontline staff. This helped us understand both the situation and the clients’ expectations, and thus formulate appropriate business procedures. The procedures continued until a custom set of excellent experiential procedures for the clients based on their respective situations was created.