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CPD / CPT Courses - Finance and Insurance

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Virtual Classes

With the approval from HKCAACA, PolyU-IfE has changed the CPD/CPT class delivery mode from the traditional face-to-face to virtual classes. Virtual classes are convenient and efficient for the busy finance practitioners to take the CPD/CPT courses. Real-time classes are conducted online with a video-conferencing software program. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can bring the virtual classes to your home or your office. Please refer to the below HKCAAVQ-accredited CPD/CPT courses available.

Please call 3400 2773 for enquiries.

IfE Bespoke CPD/ CPT Courses

Tailor-made HKCAAVQ-accredited CPD/CPT courses to suit the needs of individual groups and companies on demand. Topics include but not limited to insurance, financial services and MPF. 

Please call 3400 2773 for an initial consultation.