Corporate Training

Centre for Professional and Business English

For more than twenty years, CPBE has been a top provider of English-language services in Hong Kong. Set up as a joint venture between eight major corporations and Hong Kong Polytechnic University, we continue to set the standard in delivering training solutions.

We have conducted training in more workplaces than any other provider. See who we have worked with.

We work with every kind of organisation, from banking and finance to hospitality and retail. From small to large, and from local to international. We help both people on the front-line and people in the most senior positions. Whatever your business and whatever your needs, we will meet you to discuss how we can help.

If you work with us, we will:

  • identify any challenges your organisation is facing in meeting its goals
  • help you decide what type of training to deliver
  • design programmes and support services to meet your organisation's needs
  • report to you on the progress of your staff How will you benefit?

You will be able to:

  • fully understand what your staff need help with
  • spend your training budget more wisely
  • develop more effective and motivated staff
  • build a stronger professional image for your organisation
  • save money and time.

What skills can we help you with?

We are skilled in helping executives and professionals polish their communication skills in a number of areas.

In writing: we promote the modern professional writing style known globally as ‘Plain English’. This style is concise, clear and accurate and applies to all types of documents.Crucially, enables even the most complex messages to be communicated with clarity but without sacrificing precision.

In speaking: we build confidence and credibility to enable staff to get better results and build stronger relationships. Your training budget is limited, so we focus on developing specific competencies that your staff need, which are realistic and achievable in a limited time.

How is the training delivered?

Our most effective programs blend approaches. We will offer solutions which include:

  • classroom activities
  • experiential and task-based learning
  • distance tutoring
  • executive coaching (workshops or one-to-one)
  • post-course follow up

What support services do we provide?

We can also:

  • provide intercultural communication seminars
  • develop recruitment strategies
  • define language skill profiles for positions in your company (set ‘benchmarks’)
  • coach senior managers in broader communicative strategies (one-to-one)
  • design style guides and templates
  • edit and proofread
  • write annual reports, marketing material and websites.