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Contract Law Essentials for Non-Lawyers

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Legal knowledge is vital to contract administrators. The knowledge will enable them to carry out their duties effectively while making sure the contracts they are in charge of are trouble-free.

Course Objectives

With the insightful cases shared by trainers, participants will be able to apply key legal principles in their daily work.

Target Participants

HKIE Member or engineer

Course Contents

  • Contract Essentials --- elements and ingredients; tenders; letters of intent; letters of engagement; ‘battle of forms’; mistakes, misrepresentation and contractual consequences
  • Contract Terms --- common express terms; implied terms; drafting and interpreting duties and obligations; discrepancies among contract documents; parol evidence rule
  • Contractual Breaches and Remedies --- scope of obligations; standard of performance; remedies for breach; measures of damages; specific performance and injunction; quantum meruit
  • Contract Termination --- common law repudiation; contractual repudiation; forfeiture clauses; repudiation by non-performance; alternative dispute resolution

Date & Time

24 October 2020 (Sat), 9:30am - 5:00pm




Certificate of Attendance

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese (course materials in English)


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