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CEF Courses

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Section 1: CEF Courses

Below is the list of Reimbursable Courses under the Hong Kong SAR Government’s Continuing Education Fund (CEF).  Participants may claim reimbursement of course fees from the Fund after successfully completing the course.



Section 2: CEF Application Procedures


  • Hong Kong residents who have the right of abode or the right to land or to remain in Hong Kong without restriction, or holders of one-way permit from the Mainland China;
  • Aged between 18 and 70 (i.e. before reaching the age of 71) both at the time when the CEF reimbursable course under application commences and at the time when an application for fee reimbursement is submitted, which should be within one year upon the successful completion of the CEF reimbursable course.  Late applications will not be accepted. 
  • Has successfully completed a CEF course and attended no less than 70% of the contactable hours of the course or such higher attendance requirement as prescribed for the course (whichever is higher), and attained the overall mark of either 50% or such higher percentage of assessment(s) as prescribed for the course (whichever is higher);



  • Applicants do not need to submit any document before class commencement. They must submit the completed CEF Application Form [SFO302(2019)] together with the required institutional certification and supporting documents to the Office of the Continuing Education Fund (OCEF) within one year upon successful completion of a CEF Course and before reaching the age of 71. Late applications will not be accepted by the Government.
  • The properly filled in Application Form must first be certified by IfE after course completion.
  • The completed and institution certified CEF Application form, together with the required documents should be submitted by post or in person within one year upon succession completion of the CEF Course(s) to:

The Office of the Continuing Education Fund (OCEF)

Units 07-11, 25/F., CDW Building

388 Castle Peak Road

Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

  • Applicants may also place their applications in the drop-in box on 12/F., Cheung Shan Wan Government Offices. Late applications will not be accepted by the Government. Scanned or faxed copies of the completed CEF Application Form are not acceptable.
  • For applications containing complete information, application results will normally be released by the OCEF not more than eight (8) weeks from the date of receipt of applications.



For details of the CEF Scheme, please contact the OCEF (24-hour enquiry hotline: 3142 2277, email:, website: 


Section 3: Complaint Handling Procedures

If participant considers that his/her concerns cannot be dealt with through communication with respective lecturers or course managers, he/she may wish to pursue formally further by writing to the Head of IfE.  IfE has proper procedures to handle such complaints.  The procedures showing the process of handling complaint is shown below. 

  • If participants wish to make a complaint, he/she should so in writing by starting clearly the case with any supporting documents / evidence.  No action will be taken on any complaint in writing which is anonymous.
  • Upon receiving the complaint, IfE will form an Investigation Panel to study the complaint case and invite the complainant to attend the investigation meeting if needed.   
  • IfE will advise student of the complaint result in writing within 7 working days upon receipt of the complaint. 
  • If the student is dissatisfied with the decision, he / she may appeal in writing to the Head of IfE within 7 working days from the date of the post-mark of IfE’s reply letter.   
  • Head of IfE will refer the case for a Review Panel which will determine whether there are sufficient grounds for reconsideration of the decision.  The decision of the Review Panel will be final.   
  • IfE will inform the student concerned the complaint result within 7 working days upon receipt of appeal letter.