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Advanced Certificate in Digital Transformation (Fintech)

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Course Name:            Advanced Certificate in Digital Transformation (Fintech)


QF Level:                    5

                                    QR Registration No.: 18/000884/L5

                                    QR Registration Validity Period: On-going

CEF Course Code:      23K103661

Study Mode:                Part-time

Duration:                      4 months

Course Fee:                 HK$6,800

Start Date:                   To be advised

Delivery Language:     Cantonese and English

Course Material:          English

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO):  

On completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:

ILO-1: Demonstrate the understanding and be able to illustrate the impact of technologies and regulations on financial services and the related drivers.

ILO-2: Identify and consider the key financial, economic and technological issues and challenges in FinTech.

ILO-3: Analyze and develop new business strategies in the FinTech space and assess their impact on the future of financial services.


  •  Overview of FinTech and creative disruption
  • Payment and infrastructure
  • Operation, security and risk management
  • Virtual currencies, blockchain and smart contracts
  • Regulatory challenges
  • New markets and opportunities