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Advanced Certificate in Digital Transformation (Business Innovation)

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Course Name:           Advanced Certificate in Digital Transformation (Business Innovation)


QF Level:                   5

                                  QR Registration No.: 18/000885/L5

                                  QR Registration Validity Period: On-going

CEF Course Code:    21K103615

Study Mode:              Part-time

Duration:                    4 months

Course Fee:               HK$6,800

Start Date:                 To be advised

Delivery Language:   Cantonese and English

Course Material:        English

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO):  

On completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:

ILO-1: Evaluate the creative and innovative performance of organisations

ILO-2: Identify key issues which may be inhibiting the improvement of organisational creativity

ILO-3: Design interventions which have the potential to improve organizational   creativity and innovative performance


  • The meaning of organisational creativity
  • Links between individual and organisational creativity
  • Organisational structure and innovation
  • Teams in creativity and innovation
  • Leadership in creativity and innovation
  • Organisational culture, climate and innovation
  • The capability/rigidity paradox
  • Designing a more creative organisation