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IC Subject Description Form Library

Subject Code Subject Title
IC2105 Engineering Communication and Fundamentals
IC2112 IC Training I (EE)
IC2113 IC Training I (TSE)
IC2114 Industrial Centre Training I for EIE
IC2115 Industrial Centre Training for EIE
IC2116 IC Training for DG in Civil Engineering
IC2118 IC Training - Civil Engineering
IC2119 IC Training - Environment and Sustainable Development
IC2121 Appreciation of Manufacturing Technologies
IC2122 Control and Automation
IC2123 Design and Manufacturing Group Project
IC2126 ERP Advanced
IC2127 Computer Proficiency Training
IC2129 Computer Tools in Resources Planning and Analysis
IC2135 Material Processing and Technical Communication
IC2140 Practical Training
IC2166 IC Training for HD in Civil Engineering
IC2169 Construction Drawing and Detailing
IC2170 Appreciation of Manufacturing Processes and Metrology
IC251 Industrial Safety for Surveying and Geo-Informatics
IC252 Confined Space Works and Safety
IC259 IC Training for BSE II
IC264 IC Training for BSE I
IC266 Construction Drawing for BSE
IC267 Construction CAD by AutoCAD
IC3102 Integrated Product Engineering Project II
IC3103 Integrated Project
IC348 Appreciation of Manufacturing Processes
IC358 Industrial Safety I
IC380 Integrated Aviation Engineering Project
IC381 Appreciation of Aircraft Manufacturing Processes
IC382 Multidisciplinary Manufacturing Project
IC383 Integrated Aviation Systems Project
IC388 Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance Practice
IC404 Risk Management
IC405 Safety Management and Audit
IC407 Accident Prevention and Analysis