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HKCC Students

Learning Programme (by department and academic programme)

Current Semester Timetable

A single IC subject may include a variety of components or activities. The delivery venue, duration and time of each component or activity may therefore vary. Your AS timetable may only be able to show the broad arrangement by subject. For detail arrangement and timetable of components or activities under each subject in your IC Learning Programme, please refer to your timetable available here:

Workshop Timetable

Semester 1, Academic Year 2019 – 20

Division of Science, Engineering and Health Studies

Semester 3, Academic Year 2018 – 19

Division of Science and Technology

Semester 2, Academic Year 2018 – 19

Division of Science and Technology

Engineering Drawing, CAD, Computer Training & other Learning Timetable

IC Subject Leaders

Subject Code Subject Title Subject Leader Office Tel. E-mail Office Location
ICU223 Summer Training for HKCC (AD in ENG) LAU Yiu-on Andy 27664324 U004a

IC Liaison Officer & Deputy Liaison Officer

Institution-Department Programme Code Programme Title IC Liaison Officer Deputy Liaison Officer
HKCC 8C118 HD in Mechanical Engineering LAU Yiu-on Andy LAU Yiu-on Andy
8C112-Eng AD in Engineering
8C122 HD in Aircraft Services Engineering WAI Hon-wah (Dr)
LAU Yiu-on Andy
Senior Engineer
Digital Manufacturing Stream
Office: Room U004a
T (852)2766-4324
WAI Hon-wah (Dr)
Associate Director
Composites & Fabrication Stream
Office: Room W309a
T (852)2766-4293

Induction Notes

Get yourself a full copy of induction notes before starting your IC learning activities.