Research Support

Facilities Booking

Staff and students who have been trained to use our facilities may book our facilities for use. Simply approach our technical staff at relevant workshop or facility and make a booking. Our technical staff at Technical Services Stream will also be able to offer you advice on which process, technology, machine, equipment and material will be the best for your work.

Safety is always our utmost concern. Always ask our technical staff for help if you have doubts.

Our workshops and facilities may be engaged in the delivery of curriculum teaching and project activities from time to time. Students from different disciplines who are busily devoted to their final year project may also have a high demand on our facilities. To ensure the lead time and completion date meet your schedule and target, you are strongly advised to follow the booking procedures and make your booking arrangement as soon as possible. Please refer to our list of expertise and facilities for more information.



Download form to book facilities for undergraduate students. (Form IC-T01 Request for IC Facilities / Service)

Download form to book facilities for research and postgraduate students. (Form IC-T02 Request for R&D and Postgraduate Project Support)

Contact our Technical Services Stream if you wish to make a job request to us.

Want to know more? Download our brochure Engineering Support@IC for more information.